Crew P&I


Crew P&I

A standalone Crew P&I Cover, removing your crew claims from the P&I records and ensuring your crew are in the very best hands should injury or illness occur while they are at work.

Crew P&I claims are typically high in frequency and relatively low in cost, but often time-consuming and costly for you as an employer, not to mention damaging to your overall P&I record. More than 50% of traditional P&I claims are related to crew and of these, more than 70% are medical claims.

What is covered?

  • Medical costs due to injury or illness
  • Repatriation
  • Sick Pay
  • Permanent Disability
  • Death in Service
  • Legal Liability under Employment Contract
  • Collective Bargaining Agreement or tort
  • Crew replacement
  • Funding Repatriation & Unpaid wages due to abandonment (MLC)

Required Information

  • Full name and address of insured company
  • Number of vessels, preferably with name and/or IMO number
  • Number of seafarers and their nationalities
  • Limits required
  • Claims statistics from any current provider, if available
  • Trade and trading waters
  • Monthly wages/applicable employment contracts and collective bargaining agreements
  • Preferred deductible

Our Crew P&I cover may be combined with the Medical Plan and thereby providing a “360 degree solution“, covering the seafarers both at home and at work.

The benefits of a standalone Crew P&I cover

  • Lower deductible than traditional P&I cover offering a more predictable cost base
  • The P&I provider will provide a rebate for the exclusion of crew P&I claims up to the agreed limit of cover
  • Protection of the P&I record
  • Reduced time spent on handling crew claims due to our simplified claims handling procedures
  • Full access to our Loss Prevention programme
  • Access to our extensive medical network in over 80 countries with efficient medical treatment and full cost control
  • Top security by A-rated underwriters Norwegian Hull Club
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