How do I upload a Claims Utilization Report (CUR) to MBAS?

Provider Portal

This section will guide you through the steps of upload a Claims Utilization Report (CUR) in our system. We recommend that you use a computer for this service.

Step 1: Log in to the provider portal via

Log in to the provider portal

Problems logging in?

Try creating an account via (, using the email you provided us and the password associated with that email.

Then log in via (

Step 2: Navigate to the ‘Upload CUR’ option and click on it. This will then open a SharePoint window.

Step 3: In order to upload an invoice, CUR or medical document. Please navigate to and open the ‘1.NEW’ folder.
Then click on the ‘Upload’ option in the top toolbar.

Step 4: In order to see which invoices have been paid, you may navigate to and click on the ‘3. PAID’ folder.