Medical Plan


Medical Plan

Our Medical Plan cover the cost for medical treatment in the seafarer’s country of residence during leave and for the seafarer’s family all year. This means that you are providing your crew access to the same medical services in their respective countries, regardless of which country they live in.

What our Medical Plan covers

  • Medical treatment cost in country of residence
  • Covers the employee whilst at home and the family all year around
  • Inpatient and outpatient cost
  • Customized solutions with flexible limits of cover

Required Information

  • Full name and address of the insured company
  • Number of seafarers
  • Country of residence of seafarers
  • Number of family members, if possible
  • Limits required
  • Claims statistics from any current provider, if available

The Medical Plan can be combined with cover at work and thus we can provide a ‘360 degree’ solution, covering the seafarers both at home and at sea. We call it Seafarer Care 365 and it will ensure that your seafarers are taken care of in the event of injury or illness on board, when travelling or at home, by our extensive worldwide network.

The benefits of our medical plan

  • One solution covering all nationalities
  • Cashless claims handling
  • Covers the employee whilst at home (on leave) and the family all year around
  • Global network providing service, claims handling and day-to-day member support in coordination with affiliated medical network 24/7/365
  • Includes both inpatient and outpatient visits, up to an agreed annual limit
  • The plan can be tailormade to suit your specific requirements, with flexible limits of cover
  • Top security by A-rated underwriters NHC and Lloyd’s
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Efficient claims handling

  • Cashless handling of claims –  member is referred to a medical clinic in our network and the cost of treatment is settled directly between the medical facility and MBAS.
  • Should the member prefer to use a medical facility outside of our network, or live in an area where we do not have a network facility, the payment for treatment will be handled on a reimbursement basis. This can easily be filed via our member portal.
  • All claims are handled in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

What to expect as a client

We understand that pricing stability is vital to your budgetary processes and financial management, which is why we are transparent and realistic in our pricing. Our aim is to never give you an unwelcome surprise regarding cost. Focus on effective cost management, compliance and service has a significant impact on your business, and improves the standard of living for your employees and their families.

You can rely on us to provide a consistent and stable service, year after year.

Manning a healthy future through innovative solutions

Being in good company has some advantages. We believe in sharing data and will give you access to our Loss Prevention programme assessing your crew’s welfare.

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