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Re:fresh  is part of our Loss Prevention Programme offered to clients. It is a dynamic Health Risk Assessment and Management tool that is conceptualizing health and wellbeing on a group level. A Re:fresh study will give you insight and understanding of areas that might need special attention in order to maintain and improve health and wellbeing. Furthermore, it will enable you to take initiatives towards work-place intervention progammes where the seafarer is empowered towards personal lifestyle changes and behavioral changes that will influence personal health positively.

By systematically surveying seafarers, Re:fresh is the most comprehensive global maritime health and wellness tracker based on scientific health models.

Marine Benefits AS started the Re:fresh programme in 2016 with the study on Indian seafarers. Our latest Re:fresh study focus solely on the wellbeing of seafarers and was carried out in 2020 as an industry study to assess the seafarers wellbeing during the pandemic.

The vision of Re:fresh is to improve the health and wellbeing of the modern seafarer, and in turn reduce costs and risks onboard the vessel – making the ship a safer environment.

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The past year has been a very different and very challenging year for all, but perhaps particularly for seafarers

In September 2020, Marine Benefits invited its clients of Marine Benefits and Norwegian Hull Club to participate in a study specifically relating to seafarers’ mental health and wellbeing during COVID-19.

27 companies participated and more than 17.000 seafarers answered the questions on psychological and social aspects of life both on board and at home – leaving us with results that we could compare to our Re:fresh studies carried out before the pandemic.

We hope that by sharing the report, it could be a valuable tool for promoting seafarers’ wellness and give structured input on areas that could be focused on going forward. The full Re:fresh Wellbeing edition report available below.

Cover of Re:fresh Wellbeing Edition: Seafarers' wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic

Our Health Studies


India Study

A health and wellness study of Indian seafarers onboard international controlled ships.

Myanmar Study

This is the third national Re:fresh study, published in 2020 and focussing on the health and wellbeing of seafarers from…

Philippines Study

A comprehensive study of the health and wellbeing of Filipino seafarers onboard Norwegian controlled ships, published in 2016.

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