Philippines Study

This is a holistic benchmarking study. It focuses on the health and wellbeing of Filipino seafarers on board Norwegian controlled ships. It is the first Re:fresh study. Due to its success, we developed Re:fresh into an even more comprehensive algorithmic platform to enable it for trends and for a wider geographic span. The Re:fresh concept is developed by Marine Benefits AS. It was however, founded on 14 globally renown models for measuring the body, mind, spirit and social aspects of people.

Ten Norwegian ship owners and managers supplied 2,605 seafarers to be part of the various parts of the study.

The industry report ‘A baseline study of Filipino seafarers on board Norwegian Controlled ships’ was finalized and published in 2016.

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The past year has been a very different and very challenging year for all, but perhaps particularly for seafarers

In September 2020, Marine Benefits invited its clients of Marine Benefits and Norwegian Hull Club to participate in a study specifically relating to seafarers’ mental health and wellbeing during COVID-19.

27 companies participated and more than 17.000 seafarers answered the questions on psychological and social aspects of life both on board and at home – leaving us with results that we could compare to our Re:fresh studies carried out before the pandemic.

We hope that by sharing the report, it could be a valuable tool for promoting seafarers’ wellness and give structured input on areas that could be focused on going forward. The full Re:fresh Wellbeing edition report available below.

Cover of Re:fresh Wellbeing Edition: Seafarers' wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic