How is my data being handled?

Data Privacy

Who is responsible for handling my data?

Marine Benefits AS (MBAS), Org. Nr. 990 431 043 with its head office in Bergen is responsible for the Personal and Sensitive Data that are obtained to handle the insurance coverage your employer has provided you with. The APP and the internet portal are the responsibility of MBAS. MBAS are providing the determining the purpose of obtaining data from you and are therefore the Data Controller and responsible for the data that we obtain.

What personal and sensitive data are obtained and how is it used?

The Marine Benefits products are designed to secure a cost efficient medical service to all insured people under our insurance plans. In order to evaluate your coverage, support you in obtaining medical service and controlling cost for the medical services Marine Benefits will need to obtain are:

Personal Data

  1. Full name, Date of birth, home address, dependents (if any), MBAS ID, client ID, rank, employer, manning company, vessel and effective date enrolled under the plan. These details are also shared with your employer.
  2. Mobile number, e-mail address.

The data mentioned under 1) is required to:

  • identify you as a member,
  • validate coverage as a member,
  • allocate insurance premium and
  • for your employer to confirm coverage.

The data collected is required to communicate with you in the event of a personal data breach, changes in the Data Protection Declaration and to confirm whether you are still covered by your employer under the plan.

Sensitive Data

Hereunder: Medical data, treatments, ICD 10 diagnostics and financial data related to the medical treatments received.

This is required to evaluate whether treatment is covered, to pay for the treatment, perform statistical analysis on medical cost and to perform cost containment towards the treating medical facilities. We are also obliged to obtain this information for sanction, corruption and bribery control.

You are entitled to require that all personal and sensitive data about you are deleted by Marine Benefits. Marine Benefits will than delete your data and anonymize the financial and medical data we have stored.

Personal data may be shared with MBAS’ medical network in order to validate that you are covered. This is done in order for you to identify that you are covered before receiving medical treatment. Such information will be classified as personal and deleted as personal data when it is no longer required or as per below. All third parties which we share information with will have obligations to handle the data as if it was handled by MBAS.

How do we obtain your personal and sensitive data?

Marine Benefits AS will obtain your personal data from your employer in accordance with your active consent with them to share the same. We will need you to verify that the information is correct and that you give an active consent to MBAS to handle this information. The sensitive information will be obtained from the medical providers securing your treatment. The data will be uploaded into the Marine Benefits secure IT platform and categorized accordingly. The data will be available for you on your personal portal.

How do we store and manage your data?

Marine Benefits store your data in accordance with best practice standards on the latest available technology including but not limited to:

  • All hardware is encrypted.
  • The virtual machines and servers are in Europe with secure areas and on our servers and we have multiple firewalls with 24/7 monitoring of all access points.
  • All users are subject to a two-factor authentication with defined roles and access.
  • Communication is on Marine Benefits developed secure portals.
  • All documentation and communication in the Marine Benefits platforms are tracked and categorized.

How long do we keep your data?

Personal and sensitive data will be stored as long as it is required in order to provide you with the services required under your insurance plan. When we don’t need to store your personal and/or sensitive data to serve you under the insurance plan, it will be anonymized. Storage of personal and sensitive data will be for a maximum of ten years, and/or two years after you are no longer a member of the plan.

If you request that we delete your data – “the right to be forgotten”, we will delete all data as soon as any ongoing treatment and payments are completed. The consequence of being deleted will be that you are no longer eligible under the insurance plan.

who do we share your data WITH and how is it protected?

Marine Benefits is a global business. Your personal and sensitive data is stored by Marine Benefits AS in Europe under European law. Your data is shared with the global partners of Marine Benefits in accordance with the Marine Benefits Data Processor Agreements. All MBAS’ partners will only have access to your data in the Marine Benefits platform and will have to follow the same rules and regulations as MBAS when accessing your data.

When Data is processed in countries outside the EU/EEA, MBAS have secured your positions with standard EU Agreements for data export outside of EU/EEA and suitable security measures for each region. All these regions are also working in the secure platform of Marine Benefits.

How do you see, correct and amend your personal data?

The personal and sensitive data that Marine Benefits have obtained and stored on you is available for you to review on your personal site in your portal.

Your rights to complain, view and contact your Data Protection Officer and MBAS.

You are entitled to view and correct your personal data at any time in the personal online portal. If there are any details that are not correct it is your obligation to correct them. This applies to the information that you entered into the system, such as contact details, personal data, bank details and so on. In order for MBAS to handle your data correctly, it is important that the data we have on you is correct. If the data is incorrect this may result in delays in payment, coverage and service.

If there is anything you are wondering about regarding your personal data, please contact Marine Benefits AS.

You are also entitled to contact the Data Protection Officer(s) in Marine Benefits: