Newly designed Manila office officially opens


This Monday, our team gathered to celebrate the grand reopening of our newly upgraded office space in Manila. As the ribbon was cut and our office received its blessing, our team explored their new workspace.

Our redesigned office features an open work environment, complete with thoughtfully designed breakout rooms. This concept is rooted in our belief that collaboration and inclusivity are key to success. Doris Dalisay, our HR and Admin Manager, having been with Marine Benefits since 2008 and a driving force in the reopening, sums this up perfectly:

“Over the years, Marine Benefits has grown as a company but as the family has gotten bigger, the relationships have stayed the same. Everyone is equal, and everyone’s ideas are valued, and I think the new office reflects that.”

At Marine Benefits, it’s all about the people. We believe that collective and individual growth thrives when people meet. Therefore, President of Marine Benefits Inc., Thomas Fjeldbonde, set out to create an environment that would bring the team back together, especially after COVID-19. Thomas expressed his vision, saying, “I wanted people to be happy, excited and proud to come to the office.”

When employees have a workspace that resonates with them, it enhances their performance, attitude, and overall well-being. We live by an “expect more” mentality, not only for ourselves but for our colleagues, members, and clients. We want them to know they can rely on us, and by providing a positive and inviting environment, we can expect more.