Our Medical Plan can be extended to include online psychologist services, giving your seafarers access to online video consultations with licensed psychologists in their native language.

What is included?

  • Guaranteed consultation with a psychologist within 72 hours from first request
  • 5 consultations per year
  • Consultations in main seafarers’ languages, 24/7/36
  • Psychological tests
  • Digtal courses
  • Captain and Officers’ advice line


  • A low threshold mental help service, with no referral needed – available where your seafarers are. Easy accessibility in native language.
  • Lisenced psychologists using evidence-based methodologies.
  • Data-driven matching is based on the member’s needs and psychologists expertise and experience.
  • Utilization report, incuding key insights and statistics
  • Webinars and workshops available on request

Why adding an e-psychologist service is a no-brainer

  • On every vessel, at least one seafarer is feeling depressed and anxious – and the young seafarer is more at risk of being that person than the older one.
  • To achieve good health and wellbeing, mental health must be included. By focusing on it and adding a low threshold digital service for your seafarers, you actively support mental wellbeing and work towards a positive work environment on board.
  • Captains and Officers will be able to get professional advice when they spot early signs of depression or experience personnel issues onboard.
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Want to know more?

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